How to Make SMS Marketing Work

While the engagement rate for SMS marketing is high on the user end, many sales reps have a hard time incorporating it into their daily habits

SMS Marketing

If you’re looking for new ways to reach your customers and enhance their experience with your brand, SMS marketing is a valuable tool. However, although the technology has been around for over a decade, many companies are hesitant to make texting a core component of their marketing strategy.

So, in this article, we want to show you how to make SMS work for your SaaS business. Not only is texting ideal for reducing customer churn, but it can give your brand a leg up over the competition. Also, considering that SMS marketing is just a few years from becoming the norm, now is the perfect time to adopt it. Here’s how.

Understand Your Audience

If you’ve already built up a marketing strategy, then you understand the value of creating customer profiles and personas. By focusing your attention on a specific need or problem, you can improve your SaaS customer service immensely.

The same approach works well for texting. However, because the tool is relatively limited, you need to get a little more creative when approaching your ideal user. For example, it’s not usually best to send pictures and videos via text unsolicited. So, rather than crafting the perfect message, it’s all about timing and engagement.

An excellent way to approach this strategy is to ask how and when you would appreciate getting texts from companies you like. If there’s a new sale going on, what kind of message would get you in the door? As we’ll discuss later, authenticity is better than a sales pitch, so sending an ad isn’t the best option. Instead, a simple notification about the sale or a query asking if the customer is interested might be better.

Because the methods are still relatively new, feel free to experiment and gather feedback. Over time, you can craft more engaging messages based on these responses to push your marketing even further.

Make It Easy For Your Sales Team

While the engagement rate for SMS marketing is high on the user end, many sales reps have a hard time incorporating it into their daily habits. Part of the reason is that many programs are independent, so reps have to log out of a CRM to send a text. This also means that the data doesn’t integrate.

Fortunately, new programs are coming out regularly that alleviate that problem. However, you have to take things a step further and help your sales team get used to the idea of texting a prospective or returning customer. In many cases, once a rep sees the potential of SMS marketing, including how easy it is to close a sale, he or she will adopt it immediately.

Overall, just as you’re making it simpler for your customers to buy products from you via text, you have to make the process easier for your sales team.

Start a Conversation, Not a Sales Pitch

SMS Marketing Changing the Face of Sales

Finally, if you want SMS marketing to help decrease customer churn, you have to know what to say. Users are far more likely to open and respond to a text for several reasons, but nothing will turn a customer off faster than spam. We’ve all grown accustomed to seeing marketing emails, but a text feels too personal for it to be “salesy.”

So, the best way to ensure engagement is to start a conversation. Enabling user responses beyond “stop” or “more info” can go a long way toward building loyalty. When customers can ask questions and even start a dialog, they are much more invested. As long as it stays professional and relatively casual, you’ll see better results.

If you want to find out more about SMS marketing, check out the latest episode of the SaaS CX Show here. We talk with Brandon O’Halloran, CEO of Reply By. His company specializes in SMS integration, and he offers some valuable insight into what makes this platform work so well.

Author: Frank Bria

Frank Bria is the author of the internationally bestselling book Scale: How to Grow Your Business by Working Less and founder of High-Ticket Program, a strategy firm dedicated to scaling B2B service businesses. A trained mathematician and systems engineer, he launched several fintech startups in the advanced analytics space. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and multinational tech firms on quantitative marketing solutions including AI and predictive analytics. Now he works with SaaS companies leveraging advanced analytics to improve customer experience and retention. Frank is the host of The 6 to 7 Figures Show and The SaaS CX Show podcasts. He lives in Phoenix, AZ.

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