How Search Engine Optimization Really Works

If you build your SaaS product with these goals in mind, you can reduce customer churn and create a much better program.

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What is it and Why Should I Care?

Search engine optimization, simply put, is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. The organic results (results that come from following rules the algorithm sets to get higher on the list), versus the paid search results (paying search engines for ad space at the top of all relevant searches), are the primary purpose of search engine optimization, but paid results are also included as a part of this almost 95 billion dollar industry.

This is important for a variety of reasons, but the most important use of mastering search engine optimization is the opportunity to grow your business and gain more traffic to your website and products. Statistics show that over 60 percent of all clicks are from the first five top results from search engines, meaning if your website is found in those first results it can drastically improve your website traffic and click-through rate, leaving those who do not prioritize search engine optimization behind.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Agencies and service-based companies in this multi billion-dollar industry are notorious for leaving wakes of dissatisfied customers at every turn. They do not understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization, as the agencies employ marketers and advertisers to help businesses improve their click-through rates without even knowing the basics or how to. However, the solution to the problems that these agencies have caused lay with technology and software developers, people that are engineers who understand the search engines’ algorithms, which are the most important mechanism that determines top search results.

Where the Industry Fails

Companies within the search engine optimization industry have continually reinforced the belief that if a website just has “really good content” and uses a certain keyword over and over again, they can effectively ignore the search engine’s algorithms, leaving their clients’ success up to mere chance. However, Google and other search engines algorithms are much more sophisticated than just simple solutions, and they require software developers and computer engineers to explain and market how to understand and work with these algorithms.

Search engine optimization should not be about trying to escape or even “beat” these powerful algorithms, at its core it is about working with and developing tools to more effectively help businesses and customers understand and predict where their products and websites will end up in the results pages. Once you understand what you are up against, then you can more effectively shape and change your model and content to become more marketable. You do not need an advertiser or a marketing specialist to “spruce up” or “revamp” your products only to leave the most important way to grow your business–the click-through rate–to luck.

Solutions to Search Engine Optimization

Simply put, this industry can be saved by software-based tech developers like Geoff Atkinson and his company Huckabuy. As we talked with him, he let us in on some of the things that sets his company apart from all of the others who claim to do the same thing

One of the most important things is that his company relies on actual scalable products to improve their customers’ website optimization. They have two main software products: SEOCloud and Structured Data, which in an average of two weeks delivers their clients a fully optimized website that aligns with Google’s algorithm.

 Not only that, but Huckabuy’s products are also reliable as they are predictive, not reactive. Google and similar search engines’ algorithms have constant updates, which leaves many other agencies behind in how they understand what they are selling. However, Huckabuy predicts the macrotrends that Google follows, allowing themselves and their customers smooth transitions as the platforms constantly develop.

Customer-wise, Atkinson acknowledges the shortcomings of this industry, that countless agencies have left many clients feeling burned and dissatisfied with how they were treated. Huckabuy, however, pledges to be transparent and communicative throughout the process of helping their clients build optimized websites and grow their businesses.

We talk about search engine optimization and so much more in our episode of the SaaS CX podcast show, which you can listen to here. If interested you can also learn more about Geoff Atkinson and Huckabuy at

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