Get Your Customers to Stay, Use, and Love Your Software

Decrease Churn by 10% – 25% in 3 – 6 Months

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The SaaS CX Group uses advanced analytics to Activate, Retain, and Develop profitable SaaS customers


Activation is more than onboarding. It’s ensuring that your customer has done all the tasks that will make them most likely to stay on as a loyal customer.

You won’t know what those tasks are, until you take a look at the data and see what it’s telling you. Our custom activateCX score does exactly that.


Keeping profitable customers is how SaaS companies thrive. You do that best by understanding what makes your customer successful.

Our custom retainCX score uses your customers’ metrics to predict when an account is at risk so you can do something about it now.


Continuing profitable growth within a customer account is the fuel for scale and stability. You need to know what makes a customer profitable.

We identify profitable customer segments and know how to grow them with our custom developCX score. With it, you know where to focus and which customer are most likely to grow their subscriptions.