Episode 027: Virtual Interviews and Hiring with Matt Baxter

In today's episode Matt Baxter discussed that with coronavirus turning the world upside down, everything is becoming virtual - including virtual interviews.

Show Notes

The time for virtual interviews has come. For many companies, the hiring process is still relatively antiquated. Hiring managers and HR representatives typically rely on a mixture of resumes, rounds of interviews, and assessment tests to find viable candidates. Unfortunately, without a cohesive strategy in place, the whole system can be slow and unresponsive. Considering how much of an investment hiring a new employee is, why isn’t there a better alternative? Enter virtual interviews.

Gone are the days of relying on resumes and a single in-person interview. Technology has made the hiring process easier, particularly in today’s topsy-turvy world. In this episode of the SaaS CX Show, we talk with Matt Baxter of Wedge, a video-interviewing program. Learn how Wedge is changing the game, helping their own customers succeed and thereby reducing their customer churn.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Matt Baxter, CEO of Wedge. His SaaS product enables hiring managers to find high-quality candidates with virtual interviews. We discuss how Wedge has changed the process and how the company leverages customer success to grow through the growth of their customers. Here are some highlights.

The Dangers of a Resume

As with all software, there has to be a problem in need of a solution. For Matt and his team, he recognized that the current tools for hiring candidates were still old and inefficient. Even worse, workers these days are much better about over-preparing for both the resume and interviews.

We talk with Matt Baxter of Wedge, about virtual interviews.
Matt Baxter

You may have seen the meme already, about how to write down “I changed a lightbulb” on a resume. If you’re clever, you can use terms like “increase energy output by 50-percent while maintaining high-efficiency standards.” Resume padding is a real problem, which means that businesses have to find an alternative.

Streamlining with Virtual Interviews

Wedge is the perfect tool for weeding out unqualified candidates. First, those who aren’t interested in filming responses and submitting them won’t move forward. Second, it allows candidates to provide answers to a variety of questions without the pressure of being in an interview. Finally, it’s collaborative, meaning that hiring managers can share responses and give feedback without having to align schedules or conference rooms.

However, as useful as Wedge is, Matt and his team had a hard time reducing customer churn at first. The main problem was that Wedge was its own entity, so users had yet another account to log into and manage. Once the development team made Wedge able to integrate, the company’s success skyrocketed.

Matt’s story is indicative of SaaS products as a whole. The more accessible and more streamlined the process can be, the more likely that clients will use and love the software. And we love to talk about customer retention.

Interviewing vs. Assessments

New Customer Service
Video responses from candidates help whittle the talent pool faster.

One of the significant trends coming around these days is the assessment test. Rather than relying on resumes and interviews, companies are forcing candidates to perform various tasks related to the position. Wedge exists in the middle-ground between a person applying and then getting assessed. There are two reasons for this.

First, Wedge enables hiring managers to ask any questions they like, including those that get to a person’s personality, not just his or her skills. Second, because the software allows for multiple takes and refined answers, hiring managers can get a much better idea of who a person is before moving him or her to the next phase.

We talk a lot more about Wedge and how virtual interviews are changing the hiring process, both with the current pandemic and as AI hits the scene. Be sure to check out the rest of the episode here. You can also find out more about Matt and Wedge at www.competitivewedge.com.

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