Creating Better Enterprise-Level SaaS Product

If you build your SaaS product with these goals in mind, you can reduce customer churn and create a much better program.

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Usually, the process of building a new app or software product is pretty straightforward. A company is founded, a development team will work on validation, the product goes live, fixes and patches come out, and it grows from there.

However, what if you’re trying to create a SaaS product for an enterprise-level business? Because the brand has such a broad scope, both in terms of marketing and user base, the standard development process won’t necessarily work.

In this article, we want to discuss the best practices for creating software for big companies. Think Microsoft, Facebook, and Comcast. To help us understand what it takes to achieve success, we’re talking with Wolf Ruzicka. Wolf is the chairman of Eastbanc Technologies, which incubates new programs before selling them to massive corporations. He has some valuable insight to share for building SaaS products and learning how to reduce customer churn.

Understand the Enterprise Challenges

As a startup, the company has much more flexibility during development. Because the user base is so small, the primary pain points are just getting the product to work correctly. Typically, the mantra of a small SaaS company is to launch with an MVP and little else.

With enterprise software, however, the challenges are much different. You have to go way beyond the MVP. Simply put, good enough isn’t good enough. Additionally, as Wolf puts it, you have to consider the following hurdles:

-Security – An enterprise-level business has high-value assets and executives. This data has to be protected from day one. Patches aren’t a viable solution.

-Scalability – A startup may launch with a handful of users. An enterprise company may have thousands or hundreds of thousands ready to use the software. Scaling has to be baked in from the get-go, including customer retention strategies.

-Durability – With so many people relying on software, delays, and downtime are not an option. The program has to be reliable enough to work smoothly and consistently. While bugs are sometimes inevitable, they can’t be detrimental to operational success.

So, if you build your SaaS product with these goals in mind, you can reduce customer churn and create a much better program. However, these components are just the beginning.

Incorporate the Various Layers of the Customer Experience

If you want to improve the SaaS customer experience, you have to recognize the value of different technology. Today’s user is much savvier than years past, which means that the same person can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to work on the same software. Rather than focusing your attention on one element, you need to build a multifaceted SaaS product.

The layers of the customer experience can include:

-Cloud – Cloud-based technology is more vital than ever, with more people working from home and remote workers logging in from around the world.

-Mobile – Smartphones are only getting more sophisticated, and users are relying on smartphones and other mobile devices to handle more data and transactions. For example, more people shopped via mobile during the 2019 holiday season than on a desktop.

-Design – It’s not enough for your software to be functional; it has to be user-friendly as well. Design elements help your users get more out of the program and can help reduce churn.

-AI – while machine-learning isn’t that commonplace today, it’s a growing industry. So, you have to plan accordingly. If you build your software without AI capabilities, you’ll fall behind during the next tech boom. Wolf admits that AI is going to change the game in the next few years, particularly with how we interact with technology.

Bottom Line: You Have to Be Prepared

Eastbanc Technologies can produce enterprise-level SaaS products because the team understands innovation and high-functioning customer experience. Overall, as long as you’re prepared to handle the challenges that come with the terrain, there’s no reason you can’t do the same. You can find out more about Wolf and Eastbanc Tech by listening to the latest episode of the SaaS CX Show here. You can also learn more at

Author: Frank Bria

Frank Bria is the author of the internationally bestselling book Scale: How to Grow Your Business by Working Less and founder of High-Ticket Program, a strategy firm dedicated to scaling B2B service businesses. A trained mathematician and systems engineer, he launched several fintech startups in the advanced analytics space. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and multinational tech firms on quantitative marketing solutions including AI and predictive analytics. Now he works with SaaS companies leveraging advanced analytics to improve customer experience and retention. Frank is the host of The 6 to 7 Figures Show and The SaaS CX Show podcasts. He lives in Phoenix, AZ.

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